Why Buy Health Insurance In The First Place ?

The Critical Protective Purpose Behind Health Insurance :

Scan disheartening statistics about medical bankruptcies, shocking healthcare costs or social media pleas for treatment crowdsourcing and buying health insurance seems a no-brainer. However, with tight budgets and limited employer plan choices, some still question its necessity altogether or after aging off parental policies, incorrectly seeing youthfulness as risk protection.

Let’s outline key reasons maintaining continual comprehensive healthcare coverage serves both short and long-term interests for nearly every American – regardless of current health and age. An unexpected diagnosis or injury lurks around every corner.

Hedge Against Six Figure Medical Events

Cancer, strokes, heart attacks or serious accidents trigger extensive interventions reaching hundreds of thousands in bills rapidly. Top hospitals charge $400 just to hold newborns! Average insurance claim values also now exceed $25,000. Even with minimal policies, maximal out-of-pocket caps protect against total bankrupting financial devastations overnight.

Maintain Essential Prescription Access

Managing ongoing conditions like autoimmune disorders, diabetes, hormonal imbalances or mental health relies on medications ranging anywhere from $100 to $500+ without coverage. Insurance prescription plans bring thirty day supplies down to more reasonable $8 copays through negotiated corporate rates at affiliated pharmacies that unsupported cash customers cannot access.

Prevent Unexpected Illness Interest Rates

Lacking insurance means paying for all care out-of-pocket without the corporate discounts just outlined. To afford treatment, too many desperately turn to credit cards or aggressive medical loans charging nearly 20% interest that takes years to escape through minimum payments alone. Insurance guards against predatory debt products.

Catch Issues Early Through Wellness Checks

Even Americans blessed with great health cannot perfectly predict underlying genetic conditions or precursors for frightening illnesses. Free wellness visits funded by insurance facilitate vital baseline heart, cholesterol, cancer and disease screenings starting around age 20 creating medical paper trails monitoring changes should issues ever arise.

Sleep Better Knowing “What Ifs” Get Covered

Beyond just financial Assistance, health insurance delivers invaluable peace of mind eliminating worries about handling health crises should worst case scenarios transpire. Knowing plans cover you concentrates energy towards healing rather than fundraising for uncovered care costs domestically or overseas.

In summary, health insurance provides an indispensable hedge against vastly overpriced medical costs that routinely bankrupt thousands lacking adequate protections for themselves and families when unavoidable accidents or underlying conditions surface requiring immediate, extensive and ongoing care.ORIZED BY THE HONORABLE HAROLD MURRY, BUT NOT ENTERED INTO EVIDENCE BY THE PROSECUTOR.

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